Best HDV Camcorder under $10,000?

That’s the question that was posed to Google a few times and readers ended up here at

The answer is easy. But, like the answer to Life The Universe and Everything is also simple (it’s 42) it is the question that is far, far more difficult. Actually, it’s the same question that would be asked in many instances that can provide the quick answer. What’s the best boat? What’s the best car?

Well, what’s the question that answers “What’s the best camcorder?” …

“Well, son, what’cha wanna do with it?”

What do you need your camcorder to do?

Do you need it to interface into a genlocked house system?
Then there’s three camcorders out now for you. (Canon XL-H1, Canon XH-G1, JVC GY-HD200 series)

Do you need an interchangeable lens?
Then take out the XH-G1. Do you need 720p?
Then take out both Canons and you’re left with the JVC.

See? It’s the questions that give you the answer.

Okay… Lets try again.

What’s the best HD camcorder under $10,000?
What do you want to do with it?
Independent filmmaking.
Do you own prime lenses?
So you need one with a lens that will give you many focal lengths.
Do you need “slow mo” i.e. Overcranking?
Oh yes.
Do you demand the highest quality?
So it has to be full 1080p chips?
Then you need the Sony PMW-EX1.

I hope you see that there is not one right answer to the starting question.
Let’s try again.

What’s the best boat?
What do you want to do with it?
Go bass fishing on the lake.
By yourself.
No, with my best bud, Joe.
Good fishing there?
Oh yea.
You’ll need room for your food cooler and a second cooler for fish.

Sorry, but you can see how the questions direct the answer.

Last shot…

What’s the best HDV camera under $10,000?
What do you want to do with it?
Extreme sports. Strap it to my helmet while I snowboard.
Okay, the big ones are out.
Oh, and my buddy will tape me from the side of the hill, and I want to jump over a camera too. Maybe strap it to my snowboard and look up and me.
Oh and can I trail it behind me on a rope?
So you really need more than one, possibly a disposable camcorder.
I guess so. But I want the video to look real good.
What if the camcorder was under a grand.
That would ROCK!
Then go check out the Canon HV20.
Or, for a bit more coin, the Sony HC3 with its snowproof, protective underwater housing may last a lot longer for you- AND it can shoot high speed video for true slow-motion effects.

Dude- TechThoughts is IT!

Yea. We know.

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  1. ok so what would be the best hd camera for wedding videos that can utilise flash memory storage devices for later film editing?

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