Panasonic announces 32g P2 for $1650. Oh boy.

16gp2.jpgPanasonic has announced the availability of the 32GB P2 solid-state memory card (model AJ-P2C032RG) for its popular P2 HD and P2 product line.

Available at a suggested list price of $1,650, the reusable 32GB P2 card provides recording time greater than media for most tape-based and disc-based systems.

Thankfully, they also lowered the price of their 16g P2 card to $900. But…

This makes Sony’s imminent HDV camcorders with compact flash recording even more valuable as you can go get a 16g compact flash for just $253.
That’s three and a half times cheaper than the P2 card.

Of course, Sony’s own SxS cards are not price leaders either, even if they are manufactured by the same company that makes the Extreme III shown below. The advantage with compact flash is that it is a consumer commodity item with numerous manufacturers all competing for the vast consumer dollar. This drives prices lower- even on premium products like this.

This is the type of competition we’ll never see on professional products like P2 and SxS.

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