OLED Screens will Replace LCD for Production Monitors. Here’s why.

I remember reading about OLED screens in some tiny nook of the web, a research arm of Kodak working with Cambridge University if I recall correctly, and they showed this little 3″ screen which was the total fruit of their labors at the time. It used a tenth the power of LCD, it needed no backlight, it was as thin as a dime, and it was viewable in sunlight. I really looked forward to seeing these screens used in production.

Well, Kodak sold off their OLED research to LG in the end of 1999, but that hasn’t stopped the rest of the electronics world from licensing technology and starting to build new, exciting products, Sony’s PVM-740 is set to replace all those crappy (even if expensive) LCD location monitors and I’ll tell you why. Continue reading “OLED Screens will Replace LCD for Production Monitors. Here’s why.”

SDI is not composite video.

bnc-plug.jpgAs an amateur radio operator, I’ve learned first-hand how the type of cable used to connect the antenna to the radio makes a huge difference to how well things work.

So I am continually surprised when video ops plug whatever cable they have on hand onto whatever BNC jack that needs it. There’s a lot to consider here as our productions move to HD-SDI. Continue reading “SDI is not composite video.”

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