Video Pro’s & web sites.

typewriter_1_sm.gifI’ve noticed an interesting dichotomy.

Pros that have been around a while have web 1.0 web sites. Those just coming out of college have access to the latest tools and, well, a lot more time on their hands, so they have some spiffy web 2.0 websites, but nothing to really promote. Makes you think that the old hands ought to hire the young guns to revamp the web site! Here’s what I did… Continue reading “Video Pro’s & web sites.”

NAB marketing 101… link correctly.

nab.jpgThe barrage of NAB press release e-mails is raining down. So much so that, if you’re busy with projects, like I am, you dismiss most of them unless something really interesting catches your eye.

Only then do you say, “Okay. This sounds interesting enough for me to stop what I am doing and read this one little tidbit of information about this one thing.”

What happens next is exactly what should not. Continue reading “NAB marketing 101… link correctly.”

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