Switching from Mac to PC. How?

dell.gifAs regular readers know, I use a Mac. But the lack of a midrange model really has me fuming and I need a machine that does the job, at a price that doesn’t kick the buyer in the face.

I received a brochure for Dell the other day which showed off a nice little quad-core machine for pittance compared to a quad core Mac Pro. I could upgrade the dual internal drives to 1 TB drives, drop in a Blu-ray burner and, with Adobe CS4, I could be editing and burning HD video with aplomb, compared to standing around with my thumb up my Mac ass waiting for Steve Jobs to get past his “bag of hurt” feelings and make Blu-ray authoring on the Mac a reality.

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Apple makes the Mac Mini Pro!

mmp5.jpgWhen I go to visit a developer friend of mine, I normally take no notice of what he’s got laying around his place. It’s crammed with junk. Stacks of software, boxes, manuals, shipping containers… half-built computers, cables, wires, hard drives… good golly… the number of hard drives.

But there, next to his keyboard was something that looked vaguely familiar, except it was so very tiny. It was the Mac Mini Pro that Mac users have been clamoring for for years. Was this a new test model? I became very intrigued an poked around.

Please excuse the small size of the images. I didn’t expect to see these cool design test units so I only had my cell phone to take pictures with whenever he left the room.

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