Sony PMW-EX1 vs Panasonic HVX-200? Easy Choice.

A Pair of Hands tested two pro flash media cameras side by side.



The $7000
Sony PMW-EX1,

The $5200
Panasonic HVX200.

I have already discussed the media.
But now we can compare image quality.
How do you think three 1920×1080 chips looked compared to three 960×540 chips?

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My Dream Camcorder… Part II

megvexpo07sm.jpgSince my September column in EventDV magazine about My Dream HD Camcorder, I’ve received great feedback about additional features we need.

I’ve also seen other camera operators like Will Holloway starting to talk about features of their dream camcorders.
It’s nice to see that we’re all of the same mind.
Maybe there’s something in the water.

In part two of my Dream Camcorder series, I’ll explore the reader feedback and some new features that should be found in a dream on-shoulder HD cam…

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Panasonic announces 32g P2 for $1650. Oh boy.

16gp2.jpgPanasonic has announced the availability of the 32GB P2 solid-state memory card (model AJ-P2C032RG) for its popular P2 HD and P2 product line.

Available at a suggested list price of $1,650, the reusable 32GB P2 card provides recording time greater than media for most tape-based and disc-based systems.

Thankfully, they also lowered the price of their 16g P2 card to $900. But…

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