Multi-touch = ditch the Mouse?

mouse.gifI pined for a 2-button trackpad button for years. PCs have them, plus they have scroll zones. I added software to my PowerBooks to enable scrolling, but it wasn’t until I laid fingers on the MacBooks did I feel how intuitive multi-finger scrolling and clicking can be. I ditched my travel mouse.

Alas, our desktops are still plagued by these pesky rodents.

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$299 HUI touchscreen for ProTools? Check it out!

touchtools.jpgThere’s a wondrous little YouTube video that demonstrates some custom code enabling an iPod Touch or iPhone to wirelessly control ProTools with very little lag time.

It’s been a long time since I read about high-end studios using large screens outfitted with touch overlays to enable hands on screen editing, but this is a whole other trick.

It takes “control surface” to something that was never intended to do it and actually does a very good job of it…

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