FCP / QT still export bug.

awscope-shot.jpgAdam Wilt has uncovered an error in Final Cut Pro’s still image export to still image routine- it fails to properly render applied filters before exporting the frame you want. The filters were used to correct for the fact that it also fails to properly “round-down” YUV video that goes over 100 IRE when exporting still images. It clips the whites. Yea, it’s about as dumb as the fact that FCP has to “render” MP3 audio dropped in the timeline, yet fails to do it correctly and you get garbled audio. Isn’t the point of “rendering” to make it work in FCP?

Thankfully, Adam has a simple workaround, which you can find on his Blog post here.

Open letter to Steve Jobs. Re: Mac Mini Pro.

let2.pngDear Steve,

The MacBook Air is cute. The iMacs are cute.
The Mini is cute. iPods, cute again.
But the Mac Pro is an expensive behemoth.

You see, I’m one of those “Pros” that you target your $1300 software to…
I’m not looking for
“cute.” Nor am I looking to get screwed.
So, I’d like you to make a Mac Mini Pro.

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Flip4Mac Does Grass Valley Infinity – REV or Compact Flash

infnity.jpgPanasonic and Sony aren’t the only ones with flash media in their camcorders. Thompson / Grass Valley partnered with Iomega a couple years back to bring us non-tape recording that was far cheaper than comparative products. The Infinity line of camcorders was born.

Now, Flip4Mac brings us the tools (the glue) that lets you “stick” your Infinity footage into Final Cut Pro.

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