I’ve returned.

After a couple years writing some great articles and reviews elsewhere, I’ve decided to roll all this media back together under one umbrella. Amazingly, after nearly 7 years of no posts, my work here gets more traffic than the other blog ever did. Plus I have complete control of the blog here and can make changes how and when I see fit, like tying Facebook and Twitter into the blog. Continue reading “I’ve returned.”

Video Pro’s & web sites.

typewriter_1_sm.gifI’ve noticed an interesting dichotomy.

Pros that have been around a while have web 1.0 web sites. Those just coming out of college have access to the latest tools and, well, a lot more time on their hands, so they have some spiffy web 2.0 websites, but nothing to really promote. Makes you think that the old hands ought to hire the young guns to revamp the web site! Here’s what I did… Continue reading “Video Pro’s & web sites.”

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