Geeky fun: Cameos on Heroes

heroes2.jpgheroes4.jpgThis season was certainly better than last, mostly because much of the plodding exposition is over with. But one bit I’m certainly liking is all the cameos in the series. It was sad to see George Takei die, but his Star Trek compatriot, Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura on the original TV series and in many of the movies, including Of Gods And Men, currently in post-production.

But you could have heard me stomping my feet on the ground as I watched the last episode unfurl from my TiVo…

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Blade Runner – The Pristine Print

I went to see Blade RunnerThe Final Cut.


First I have to say that the Zeigfield Theatre in NYC is a beautiful place to watch a film.
Even though the preshow was filled with commercials like your local run-of-the-mill multiplex, the theatre itself is a posh, 1000+ seat, single-screen, elegant viewing room. It is up stairs from the street level and the entire ambiance evokes the feeling of stage theater, as opposed to just the silver screen. The only thing it is missing is a curtain to open up in front of the screen before the main performance. (But then, if the screen was covered, there’d be no commercials… but I digress.)

The previews rolled right into the Ladd Company logo, (the green tree) which I immediately recognized. Then a long pause, and the first concussions of the stellar Vangelis soundtrack and the opening titles, white on black.
I looked carefully at the screen and saw that they were rock solid.

No waviness. No jitter. No odd flicker. Perfect… it was made as well as they could make it…

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