Red rolling shutter redux

There’s been a bit of discussion about the image distortion caused by the scanning (rolling) shutter used by CMOS chips which are proliferating in the prosumer and professional video camera world. What’s the reason behind it?

Sony’s new HDV at IBC.

There’s some new video out on the net showcasing Sony’s latest HDV camcorders. As much as I look forward to testing Sony’s XDCAM EX (which is technically misnamed because it doesn’t use the same media as XDCAM) next week, I am a strong proponent of HDV because of the the many advantages of tape. For… Continue Reading →

Sony’s HD1000u Interesting, but lacking.

PARK RIDGE, N.J., Aug. 22, 2007 – Sony is introducing an entry-level professional HDV™ camcorder with a shoulder-mount design, bringing the benefits of HD production to a wider range of users. The new HVR-HD1000U model is targeted toward wedding videographers, freelancers and educational video creators, offering them more versatility and more opportunities for generating business… Continue Reading →

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