NAB Marketing 102. Spaghetti

The urban myth is – you find out if spaghetti is done by taking  a piece and throwing it at the wall to see if it sticks. However, one of the tips we shot for Healthy Flavors‘ “Mythbusters” show, explains this to be false, but it hasn’t stopped companies from trying the same tactic: when… Continue Reading →

HD Everywhere?

Well, the 2009 Photo Marketing Association’s annual conference is March 3-5 and it’s expected that most everyone who hasn’t already announced a still camera capable of HD video recording— will at the event. This is not to say that video camcorders are not needed any more. I have already shot video with these new “HD-capable” still cameras… and let… Continue Reading →

Mystery Alaska

Can single-chip camcorder models priced less than $1,000 and bearing the bold “Full HD” logo do the job of prosumer and professional camcorders costing many times that price? In this article I’ll take two high-end consumer HD camcorders into the field—specifically, the wilds of the Alaskan bush—to see what I can do with these little… Continue Reading →

Incredible Sony Z7 information!

You may just want to learn French to really understand (correctly) all the information on this site. I’ve included a little bit of it here, and did my best to straighten out the rough automated translation– but all of this is just one section, of FOUR. So without further hesitation, here’s the Sony HVR-Z7 as… Continue Reading →

HDV Grows Up: Sony’s HVR-S270 and HVR-Z7

Sony recently unveiled its latest HDV camcorders to the world. This wasn’t just any ordinary product announcement; with the release of these new models, HDV arrived as a true professional video acquisition technology. Just as MiniDV was a format that evolved into DVCAM and DVCPRO, and eventually DV itself became acceptable for broadcast, and even… Continue Reading →

Canon improves HV20- Now: “Vixia” & HV30!

It’s Canon’s new Vixia line. This is the HV30. Look familliar? It looks a whole lot like the HV20 we’ve already grown to love. But with a slightly higher price, manual exposure, and a black case. How does it compare, feature by feature with the HV20? Lets go through the rundown and find out.

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