P2 is the MOST SECURE…

16gp2.jpgIt really bothers me when corporate marketing drones get so caught up in their own chest-thumping that they fail to recognize the hypocrisy of the stuff spewing out of their mouths.

For example, this is a quote by a Panny rep on a video mailing list:

P2 is reusable thousands of times
and is the must secure form of digital storage on the planet.

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Yuri’s Night

yurinightlog.gifHuman Spaceflight became a reality 45 years ago with the launch of Vostok 1. The capsule carried Soviet Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, who became the first human to leave the bounds of Earth and enter outer space.

Exactly 20 years later, the United States embarked on a new era in spaceflight with the inaugural launch of a new type of spaceship — the Space Shuttle.

When the next 20-year point arrived, a new space milestone by connected thousands of people around the world to celebrate the past. That event was Yuri’s Night. It continues to bring the excitement, passion and promise of space travel closer to people of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds. Continue reading “Yuri’s Night”

Illuminating Laptops – still the missing feature.

ideapad.jpgAn interesting image on CrunchGear shows a new Lenovo Laptop with a halogen bulb clamped above to illuminate the black keys. This is because it’s really hard to see a black laptop in a dark room. The people selling the laptop at CES realized that, so they clamped a light to the top of the screen so people can see the keyboard. But why haven’t manufacturers realized it?

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ROCK (tech) HARD PLACE. Yea.

bigrock.jpgThe proverbial “between a rock and a hard place” is basically a tough place to be.

I was corresponding with a fellow videographer who works for a government video department. He tried to explain the troubles he faces with regard to new gear purchases. It’s beyond trying to decide between P2 or SxS. It’s beyond tape or flash media. It’s, well, let’s just say it basically covers the last 20 years of video production- every single day.

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Panny take Plasma to 150″ . . . Doing!

panny150.jpgI had opportunity to see Panasonic’s “world’s largest” 103″ plasma screen at the GV Expo… and now I feel like I’d been had. You can’t really claim the 103″ is the “world’s largest” if you, yourself have already tested and are boxing up a 150″ plasma to be shown at CES.

Engadget has a small gallery of photos of the incredibly impressive screen. It could well do with some better anti-glare glass on the front of it…

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We’re back. Please pardon the interruption.

internetsm.jpgThe internet is a delicate thing.

It’s governed by little groups of people who wield amazing power, and who can flip a switch and take your domain name offline as long as they want. If that company happens to be 4 hours behind you, and available only via e-mail, a dispute over a charge which could be solved in a 10 minute conversation ends up being, and I am not kidding, 23 days of back-and-forth miscommunication…

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Geeky fun: Cameos on Heroes

heroes2.jpgheroes4.jpgThis season was certainly better than last, mostly because much of the plodding exposition is over with. But one bit I’m certainly liking is all the cameos in the series. It was sad to see George Takei die, but his Star Trek compatriot, Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura on the original TV series and in many of the movies, including Of Gods And Men, currently in post-production.

But you could have heard me stomping my feet on the ground as I watched the last episode unfurl from my TiVo…

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bloggies.gifAs the Bloggies itself says:

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