TechThoughts Nears 100,000 Views!

TechThoughts continues to grow since I brought it all back here. Every day, more visitors return, and new ones visit for the first time. Remember, you can subscribe via RSS, and even e-mail so you’ll know when a new article hits. As this blog approaches its 100,000th visitor, I have a special contest.

The stats counter on the right sidebar ticks away every new page view.

Whomever gets the 100,000th page view and e-mails me a screen shot of it will get your very own 1-year subscription to EventDV magazine. ($30 – $150 value) This is a magazine I respect highly and, in an age where trade publications have become thinner and thinner to try and stay afloat, EventDV instead went to paid subscriptions and has kept the percentage of content very high. For instance, August DV Magazine was 15 pages of content, 17 pages of ads, or 47% content.  August EventDV was 32 pages of content, 13.5 pages of ads, for more than 70% content. You get what you pay for.

So if you like the content on this blog (and some of it has appeared in EventDV Magazine) you’ll love the magazine.

I'm back at the helm, and the stats show you like it!

There was a two year period where I left this blog alone- completely alone.

EventDV offered me the opportunity to write my TechThoughts for them, on a blog hosted there. But the content here on WordPress never went away and you can see that, even through two years of complete dormancy, the readers still came here to find the posts I wrote. I thank you all for finding what I write useful enough to keep coming back.

As of June of this year, I moved my efforts back to this blog, and migrated all the other content back into this blog (yes, I know there are a few bugs with some very old posts, and we’re working on clearing that up.) You can see from the WordPress stats, that with great new articles, readership is skyrocketing once again. I look forward to continuing to inform and entertain readers.

Good luck in the contest!

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