Decent Video Gets Cheaper & Cheaper. Here’s a $25 SD demo.

Some fellow video friends of mine has been sharing some surprisingly good video from a Coby camera that they purchased for around $25 as an impulse by at a drugstore checkout. They’ve attached this camera to their motorcycle and aside from the glaring CMOS “jellocam” the image and sound quality is surprisingly good.I wanted to share a bit of it here with you because, in many cases, SD video is still surprisingly useful. You can get the Coby Snapp for about $28 on Amazon. Excellent for use as a crash camera, demolition camera (whether the media survives is another question), etc.

They also have an HD version for a whopping $75. Now you’re in the realm of Flip and Kodak point-n-shoot HD video cameras, but I think the key statistic here is that 74% of the people who looked at the Coby, chose the Coby, and only 4% bought the Flip (says Amazon’s tracking)

Now, with Cell Phones shooting HD video, you can ask, what’s the point of getting a separate, cell-phone-looking flash media HD video camera? Well, aside from not having your video activity stopping you from any of the other activities a smart phone can do, if you are going to mount the camera to a motorcycle, as these guys did, I’d much rather lose a $25 Coby Snapp than a $300 smart phone.

Now that smart phones are literally small computers, I prefer to treat them that way.

Here’s the video clip from the $25 Coby Snapp.

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