iPhone 4 Shoots Motorcycle Race to Pike’s Peak- Impresses Doubters

There’s plenty of iPhone 4 videos hitting YouTube. Suddenly, anyone with the new iPhone is a moviemaker. I guess it’s like owning a pencil, everyone is the next Stephen King. Or a paintbrush, everyone is the next Michelangelo.

But there are certainly a few standouts that demonstrate that creativity and storytelling ability shines through no matter what the production medium. Hoptocopter Films is one such production company. Hoptocopter Films has posted one version of their Pike’s Peak ascent that was shot entirely with the iPhone 4. They video they published on YouTube offers several interesting features- wide angle, macro lenses, time lapse, and more- these are constructs of talented moviemaking where you augment the tool with other creative tools- external housings, lenses and editing.

iPhone in use
iPhone 4 in Owle housing

There are a of of naysayers in the YouTube comments because the motorbike and helmet are clearly brandishing Countour HD sport cameras, but Hoptocopter clearly states that this video only includes iPhone footage, and the stills seem to bear this out, clearly showing iPhones shooting the shots in the movie. Hoptocopter says that the footage fromt he other cameras is for another purpose. And there’s no reason to doubt them. They can make a similarly impressive video for the Countour folks showing off the footage from their cameras.

One on the helmet, at least two on the bike.

What all this comes down to is excellent marketing. Not just tying in with Contour, or Ducati for the bikes, but also riding on the iPhone 4 wave and getting 154,000 views for their work.

I’d hazard to say that any of us would thoroughly enjoy the same amount of exposure.

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