When is a trade news site not useful? When it does so little.

DV Magazine onlineI’m just one person. I write when there’s time between jobs, or while stuff renders, etc. But I try to really make it interesting and useful to readers. In fact, in the 2 years I published elsewhere, and not touched a single thing on this site, the articles I wrote here were STILL garnering some 50 page views a day. This is down dramatically from when I was publishing new content, but testimony to the quality of the work I produce.

So it really bugs me when I see competitors to TechThoughts, and to EventDV Magazine and Web site, for which I am a owner, and contributing editor, respectively, getting traffic for writing as little as TWO SENTENCES and linking to something else.

Please, why even bother writing those two sentences?

There are blogs out there that are pure stream of consciousness, like Philip Hodgets blog which is rich on industry info, but short on images.

There’s Adam Wilt on PVC, with his detailed and thorough articles with lots of excellent photography.

Then there’s tech blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo that are simple, but offer a nice image, a few links, topical news, and often a bit of sarcastic with that’s enjoyable.

And then there’s this:

DV Magazine online
Let's not work too hard on providing useful content. Oh, and no author attributed to this pittance, either.

And the real kicker?

Look at all the advertisers they have! Aja, AT&T Uverse, & more! Oy!

2 thoughts on “When is a trade news site not useful? When it does so little.

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  1. For the original site. Yes.
    For DV Mag? Not so much.

    If you are DV mag, and you put out a newsletter touting an article on a 4K HD Camera from Canon, you WILL get traffic. So, then, why not actually have someone WRITE something.

    When Sony announced the NEX-VG10, all we (the public) have to go on is the press release, some press photos, and some videos popping up. Would you like TechThoughts to summarize the press release and provide thoughtful criticism, as well as links to the photos and videos so you have something useful, or should I spend 1/10 the time, write two sentences, and link you elsewhere so you can try and hunt everything else down on your own.

    My premise is, if I endeavor to provide information…
    then I should provide it.
    It doesn’t make sense to bring you in to my house only to send you right back out to go look somewhere else.

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