LED Lighting Advancements focus on Control of Illumination

Abel Cine Tech has a very cool little article / promo page highlighting several new LED lighting solutions that you just don’t hear of every day. This includes the Creamsource by Outsight, the Laniro IANILED54 (pictured), Dedolight dual-condenser lens Ledzilla, and Litepanels fresnel lens Sola lights. I was fascinated by the new creativity in engineering controlled light using LEDs.

These new LED lighting solutions highlight two key advancements in LED lighting: better LEDs, and the use of optics to make the LEDs more usable. In fact, all of the lights highlighted on that page are more than just bare LEDs, they all have optics of some sort, and two of them, the Sola and the Ledzilla, are fresnel / condenser lens systems, which brings us back to the tungsten/halogen shapes of lights we have used for about a century.

Dedolight LEDzilla

Because, when it comes down to it, a big wash of light is only so usable.Look at any grip truck and it isn’t the lights that take up the space, it’s all the grip required to handle / focus / control the light as we desire. Because, if we only needed washes of light, we could go back to the silent film days where all lighting was provided by the sun through diffusion in open roofed rooms.

I’ve always been fascinated by the capability offered Dedolight lights and look forward to an opportunity to review their new little LED light, especially since it looks like it will run off the lithium ion batteries I already have. I like that feature.

Advancements in LED Lighting Technology.

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