NAB marketing 101… link correctly.

nab.jpgThe barrage of NAB press release e-mails is raining down. So much so that, if you’re busy with projects, like I am, you dismiss most of them unless something really interesting catches your eye.

Only then do you say, “Okay. This sounds interesting enough for me to stop what I am doing and read this one little tidbit of information about this one thing.”

What happens next is exactly what should not.

Here’s the email subject line that caught my eye:

Marshall Introduces World’s First OLED Camera-Top Monitor at NAB 2009

Oh! Wow!
I’ve been following OLED for almost 10 years now- since all there was to see was a single press release image from Kodak of a proof of concept display thinner than a dime, and only about 2 inches diagonal. Organic LEDs create their own light. No back lighting. Impervious to direct sunlight. Oooooooh. Someday, this will be a production monitor and that will be real cool. 

So I open the e-mail and I find a link among lots of other links:


It is pretty clear this is the one, even though there’s no descriptive text around it or anything. (strike one.)
You see, if the subject line touts one product, I expect the e-mail to promote one product. The subject line didn’t say, “Marshall has 6 or more really interesting things they’d like to tell you about so click one of the links in this e-mail.”

I click on the link  for the OLED monitor and up pops:




Not only was I not taken directly to the page for the OLED monitor, (strike two.)

There is no information visible about the OLED monitor AT ALL. (strike three.)

So let me please repeat Rule 1 about marketing a new product:

If you tease it- show it.
Do not make me hunt for it.

You are lucky enough I stopped what I was doing and opened your e-mail- which did not contain the information I wanted.

You are lucky enough I decided to click on a link and wait for the browser to open a page- which did not contain the information I wanted.

But you did not even have a link to the information I wanted on that page.


Three Strikes. You’re out. 

My next action:


Waste my time like that and you lose me for good.


By the way, Marshall, it’s 1¢ per impression.
I’ll send you a bill at the end of the month. 

One thought on “NAB marketing 101… link correctly.

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  1. I totally, totally agree. When I was writing the Digital Production BuZZ newsfeed, if that link wasn’t right, the story never got written. If the press release was a pdf, the story didn’t get written (too hard to copy relevant pieces from). If the site was Flash and I couldn’t link to the product page, the story didn’t get written.

    And worst of all, if you send out a press release, make sure the product is actually on your site!


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