Reminder, be careful with batteries.

evfire.jpgIn January, after mentioning how the FAA has cracked down on how many Lithium Ion batteries you can take on a plane, I further illustrated how catastrophic events don’t need anything out of the ordinary to happen.

First there was the Fletcher fire where batteries left to charge overnight were molten by morning. Now, as reported by Engadget, electric powered vehicles are burning up, and sub-stations for telecom data relays are literally blowing up. Have you taken some precautions at home yet?


Click through to the Engadget picture for the real clincher. Two fire extinguishers sit on the pavement nearby. Either they were used up, or they were attempted and they had no effect. The size and power of these batteries is something to be very wary of. (and it’s one of the reasons I prefer simple 50 MPG diesel to massively more complex 35 MPG hybrid power cars).


Another example of a well-built and designed power system going south is a report on Light Reading about a local telecom power supply blowing up- sending hardware through a wood fence, and then melting down, causing the nearby homeowner’s vinyl siding to get that distinctive heat ripple. This is scary stuff.


If you haven’t already, take some precautions. I previously listed recommendations on how to deal with battery fires that were written by Energizer and Concorde Battery. I’ve already sequestered my battery charging to a a room outside the main part of the house- near the garage, and added a smoke detector. A fire extinguisher is not far away. How have you taken steps to protect yourself?



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