Handy tool- Replug.

replug_laptop_anim.gifIf you need to use headphones into an 1/8″ jack (like on a camcorder- even professional, mixer, or laptop) then you’ve probably experienced a situation where your head went too far from the gear and the headphones either got yanked off your head or the gear got yanked around, or broken. I found this cool little add-on called Replug that looks to save your head, save your gear, or both. 

You can see in the close-up shot that there are three discrete connectors in on both ends. Push the jack into your gear and then, if you ever try to walk away, or two pieces of gear connected by a wire that someone else trips over, Replug can save the gear from either being yanked around- or the small 1/8″ jack inside the gear from getting broken off the motherboard and being rendered useless.

No commissions here folks. I just think it’s a cool little problem solver. 



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