EXCAM EX hands-on video & more.

ex1stuntplane.jpgWhile there’s much ado with blogs (ahem) and other online resources telling you what we can about gear, technology and techniques, manufacturers have gotten wiser to the impact of online media and now release cool stuff directly that used to be limited to outlets like trade shows. Sony’s own web site has quite a bit of information about their new XDCAM camcorders.


Including some very good action videos of their camcorders in use at air shows and chasing storms… plus DVD videos you can order for free. Their online video isn’t as good as you would expect (especially compared to what Yahoo, or Apple, offer for movie trailers) but it’s a good teaser to get you interested in getting the DVDs.

Here’s the teaser video for their XDCAM series camcorder video:

Here’s the interview with Director Jody Eldred that has some nice behind the scenes shots of the setups they used, including cramming the EX1 into a very tight stunt plane cockpit.

What would really impress me is if they offered these promotional videos for HD camcorders in Blu-ray so we could really see the quality of the materials these camcorders shoot. Dumbing it down to DVD is, well, okay, but when you’re trying to entice the video production “public” to get on board with an entirely new format (PD or SxS) I’d think you’d want to really show it off as good as you possibly could.

And maybe use the HD optical distribution format you already own… to show that off too. Hmmm?

You can check it all out here.


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