DTV deadline? The end is not so near, maybe.

tv_video.pngI previously noted that the end of analogue broadcast TV is fast approaching.

Apparently the FCC has changed its rules. Cnet is relating a Reuters article that:

The Federal Communications Commission has approved new rules giving broadcasters more flexibility in making the switch to digital television from traditional analog signals.

The rules would, among other things, allow some broadcast stations to make a “phased transition” to digital broadcasting.

After moving the deadline back several years from it’s original deadline, now the deadline isn’t so much of a deadline at all…

tvconverter.gifBut make sure you get a coupon for your DTV converter box for those analogue TVs you still use to watch analogue OTA signals. You know, those TV’s that weren’t allowed to be sold any more as of late 2007?

Oh, and those with wireless microphones and wireless communications systems in the 700 Mhz range- you should know that things will become problematic when those frequencies are sold to other wireless systems, like maybe Google, despite Reuters reporting:

Congress ordered the switch to digital television to free up public airwaves for other uses, such as for police and fire departments.

Compare that with this:

We’re sure you’ve heard most of the notables by now — such as Google (applying as Google Airwaves Inc.), Verizon, Qualcomm, Cox, Frontline, AT&T, EchoStar and Paul Allen — but there are a total of 1,099 various licenses available for the 62 megahertz up for grabs, and a whole lot of regional carriers are in the mix.

Did you see your local EMT or fire company in there? Ha. Didn’t think so.
It will be some other company that makes gear to work in the tiny-little hole that the FCC left on two of the eight former UHF channels. There’s more info here.

But ClearCom actually is one of the applicants so maybe those UHF wireless coms many people use will somehow still be legal.
That’s when ClearCom has more money than AT&T, Verizon and Google.

Don’t hold your breath.


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