Geeky fun: Cameos on Heroes

heroes2.jpgheroes4.jpgThis season was certainly better than last, mostly because much of the plodding exposition is over with. But one bit I’m certainly liking is all the cameos in the series. It was sad to see George Takei die, but his Star Trek compatriot, Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura on the original TV series and in many of the movies, including Of Gods And Men, currently in post-production.

But you could have heard me stomping my feet on the ground as I watched the last episode unfurl from my TiVo…

…That is, if you had been reading and understood my appreciation for the recent re-release of Blade Runner.

You see, I’m watching this episode, and they’re talking about this mysterious woman, who made a virus. And then we meet her. And I’m listening and looking and wow, if it isn’t Joanna Cassidy the snake charmer who reshot some of her footage for Blade Runner.heroes3.jpg

Last season featured a cameo by Marvel stalwart, Stan Lee, as the bus driver who takes Hiro on his journey to save the world. Interestingly apropos.


My only complaint would be that there are just too many characters in the series (that seems to be the trend in the new millennium, with Lost, Brothers and Sisters, and even the retired 7th Heaven featuring “core” casts of somewhere around a dozen.)

heroes1.jpgThis gives our cameoed friends, who are not part of the main plot, little to do. Nichelle Nichols gets a bit of face time here and there, but the focus of the show is on two kids with powers so there’s little for her to do.

It also doesn’t help that one of the kids she watches happens to be the absolute standout Noah Gray-Cabey, who blew my mind in every episode of My Wife and Kids he was in. This boy will take the world by storm!

But even he is not in every episode and the screen time he has often does not call for “acting” but merely delivering the lines that move the plot forward that week.

I like Heroes.
But with a cast that does nothing but grow and grow…
okay. A few die off, but not enough to make the show as taught a thriller as it wants to be.

It is like the writers need to watch 12 Angry Men or The Gin Game to know how to write for a smaller cast. Or rewatch Alien to know how to keep suspense tight as the cast dwindles.


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