Geeky fun: Cameos on Heroes

heroes2.jpgheroes4.jpgThis season was certainly better than last, mostly because much of the plodding exposition is over with. But one bit I’m certainly liking is all the cameos in the series. It was sad to see George Takei die, but his Star Trek compatriot, Nichelle Nichols, who portrayed Lt. Uhura on the original TV series and in many of the movies, including Of Gods And Men, currently in post-production.

But you could have heard me stomping my feet on the ground as I watched the last episode unfurl from my TiVo…

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Canon ups the AVCHD anté, and goes dual flash!

Canon has made the first step above 15 Mbps AVCHD with the HF10hf10a.gif.


While Sony piddles with 15 Mbps,
And Panasonic piddles with 12 Mbps,
Both far under the 24 Mbps AVCHD ceiling,

Canon takes AVCHD to 17 Mbps and full 1920 x 1080 recording from lens to playback.

Things are starting to look up…

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