The 103″ edit site program monitor. Wow!

103plasma.jpgIf you’ve got the wall space (and the cash) then Panasonic has no qualm about showing you what they say is the world’s largest Plasma display.

Standing in front of it on the expo floor, I have to admit being humbled… and then immediately wondering how the hell they mounted that 500-pound monstrosity on a traveling display wall- usually designed to be as light (and thusly flimsy) as possible.

Anyway, check out the video…

…of me walking from a “normal” 42″ edit suite display and the absolutely stunning 103″ plasma. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the video playing on each screen seems somewhat apropos. The segment of Pixar’s Cars that was playing behind me (I couldn’t see it while we were taping) is absolutely hilarious.

Panasonic has a consumer page with information on the display.

As well as a professional page.

I don’t know if there’s an actual difference in street price but the consumer version is retailing (yes, it’s actually available for same right now) for about $60,000 US.

Get it before the Yen/Dollar exchange gets even worse!

Pioneer KuroActually, if I had my druthers, I’d get the new Pioneer KURO 60″ plasma. I had an opportunity to see this side by side with a Sony and another high end LCD display at a local “elite” retailer (i.e. not a box house) and there was literally no comparison.

When the video had black in the shot, like half the frame was black, the Kuro had no difference between the screen and the glossy black bezel. Both the LCD panels still gave off light from the backlighting- which is always on. The Kuro was “inky” black. Like it was wet. Cnet also liked the display enough to give it an Editor’s Choice award.

So why did we like Pioneer PDP-5080HD so much? This 50-inch plasma produces the darkest shade of black we’ve ever seen or measured from a non-CRT TV, whether plasma, LCD, or projection. It also offers a “smooth” video-processing mode that works relatively well, one of the best anti-reflective screens we’ve tested, and numerous picture controls.

Now, new LED-illuminated LCD displays may change that. But till those are shipping in quantity, I’ll take one Kuro to go.
(Yes, it did look better than the 103″ Panny.)



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  1. I seem to remember reading about a similar one about a year ago. It was round about the 100″ mark (can’t remember the exact figure) but it was retailing for ~$100k, so $60k for this is a significant discount. Of course, you’d be a fool to buy it even if you had that kind of money, as it will be even less in 12-18 months’ time.

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