$299 HUI touchscreen for ProTools? Check it out!

touchtools.jpgThere’s a wondrous little YouTube video that demonstrates some custom code enabling an iPod Touch or iPhone to wirelessly control ProTools with very little lag time.

It’s been a long time since I read about high-end studios using large screens outfitted with touch overlays to enable hands on screen editing, but this is a whole other trick.

It takes “control surface” to something that was never intended to do it and actually does a very good job of it…

I wonder if they could maybe get something like this to work for Final Cut Pro or Premiere because those JLCooper control surfaces are a bit pricey, and I can’t adjust audio levels from across the room, simulating what Healthy Flavors sounds like to the listener at home (who does not sit squarely in the middle of a nice stereo sound stage.)

remotebuddy.jpgWhile the iPhone does not have the tactile feedback of a physical device, like a fader (something I really do relish and which makes adjustment so much easier while not looking at the faders) that never was the point of a “touch” interface. To wit- you can’t control the iPod portion of the Touch or iPhone without removing it from your pocket or case, looking at the display, and doing what you want to do (aside from the little control one button on the headset gives you).

The description on YouTube also links to the .mac account where you can see a second video of the software in action.

Moreover, there’s a great discussion on GearSlutz.com (aren’t we all) about this and to provide remote control of our computers.

Very cool.



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