IEBA Tech Thoughts to move…

I not only engineer and produce video as owner of IEBA Communications, I also write for Event DV magazine. Specifically, I am the HD Today columnist and a regular gear reviewer. You can see my long list of contributions online. Event DV’s parent, Information Today, likes what I’m creating here. So this December, this blog will be changing servers to give me more capability to give you what you are looking for:

Better, bigger images. Better video More content…

It also gives me the ability to directly link to products that can be of use to readers. Yes, this means ads, but useful ads. For instance, if I spot a new tool, gizmo or widget that may be of use to you, I can now directly link to a sales page with the product on it. The downside is only that the RSS subscriptions / bookmarks you have made will need to be redone.

This will be an exciting opportunity and I look forward to our future together.



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  1. If you stick with wordpress for your next blog. You can port this blog, including url’s, to your server blog. I have never done it but I remember reading about this feature a while back.

    For the server version of wordpress, there is a feed redirecting tool. I am not sure whether allows you to install plugins. This way you can direct your old feeds to the new one. I would recommend getting a feedburner account, adding your future blog’s feed to it. That way, you can change sites but never have to change feed settings.

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