Lowel – Mole – Arri comparison @ FreshDV

fdvlight.jpgThe gurus over at FreshDV have produced another handy little video guide to some Lowel, Arri and Mole lights.

Each features unique strengths and weaknesses. In the following short video, Kendal Miller walks through some of the major things we noted…the strength and construction of stands, barn doors, quality of cords and switches, and simplicity of swapping and replacing lamps.

They do make some good points about the durability of some of the metal gear versus the lighter weight plastic in his 4-light walkthrough.

My only gripe would be the disparity of the kits compared. He takes issue with the flimsiness of the Lowel stands in his kit. The Lowel lights he has are designed to be lighter weight and less expensive. I know that the Lowel Pro light stand wouldn’t be used for the Lowel Fren-L 650 light, which would be a direct comparison with the Mole Solar Spot Tweeny-2 650 fresnel and the Arri 650 fresnel. A Lowel 650w fresnel would ship with the KS or the KSA stand, which is tubular, like the Mole and Arri, and features metal adjustment points, like the Mole. So pointing out the lighter weight Lowel stand that is designed for a 250 light (not a 650) is a bit unjust. arrilamp.jpg

Also, my Arri 650 opens up with a swing-open door on top. I’ve had mine a couple years so the new ones may have changed… and the opening system is not the most obvious if you don’t know, so the new ones may indeed have to have the entire face of the fixture unscrewed to change the lamp like they say. I certainly hope not, though.

Overall, the video is a great introduction to some of the lights available from these manufacturers for first-time buyers.

Check it out!

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