Use HVR-S270U / HVR-Z7U compact flash with new laptops!

turkey.gifHappy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate Turkey Day). In preparation for tomorrow… typically the biggest shopping day of the year… I wanted to offer a suggestion. Now, I know you can’t go get Sony’s newest HDV /Compact Flash camcorders , the HVR-S270 and the HVR-Z7U, just yet.

But if you end up getting a spiffy new laptop without PC (PCMCIA) Card slots, you’ll probably have the newer, smaller ExpressCard slots. To read compact flash cards in your new laptop, you’ll need one of these…

ec2cf.pngWith the Delkin ExpressCard to CompactFlash adaptor you can use Sony’s new compact flash media recorder introduced on the new HVR-S270 and HVR-Z7U camcorders.

No, it’s not SxS, but it’s a fraction of the cost and, with this adapter, works in the newest laptops (those which no longer have the still inimitably useful PC card slot.)

This way, you can quickly transfer the video from the camcorder to your computer’s hard drive, where it always seems to end up in the end.


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