Sony PMW-EX1 answers revealed.

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8 thoughts on “Sony PMW-EX1 answers revealed.

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  1. Thank you very much, Anthony, for getting answers to these questions, although I’m a bit lost with regard to those answers that include a reference to Memory Stick flash memory cards, as I’m not aware of any Memory Stick card slot on the PMW-EX1.

    I’m a bit disappointed with regard to the lack of multi-cam synchronization capability, by the way, considering that the Canon XL H1 has genlock input, time code input, and time code output jacks, and even Sony’s HVR-V1 series camcorders have an i.LINK-to-i.LINK sync feature.

    Regards, and thanks again,


  2. Hi – we got to see a pre-production model and were told at the time that you COULD select built-in mic on one channel and XLR on the other, i.e. you could record a radio mic on one audio channel and wild room audio on the other.


  3. That would be very nice! But, until it actually ships with the firmware in place, we’ll have to wait and see.

    DV Expo West is coming up.
    A perfect opportunity for someone to actually try and do it.

  4. Extra sound channels on Exdcam EX1?

    Thanks for a lot of useful info!
    I am very happy w my Xdcam EX1, but I would love one or two more sound channels. Does anybody know of a workaround, maybe via a connected firewire disc or what know I?

  5. can i record from my sony pmw.ex1 straight through to a hard drive (terabyte) or do i have to go through a lap top and then into a hard drive?

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