Back from GV Expo. Reports to come…

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3 thoughts on “Back from GV Expo. Reports to come…

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  1. Hello Anthony Burokas. I find it in that your reviews are very informative and usefull and your blogsite confirms that. I’m a Panasonic user and shoot with DVX100 and looking forward for HD.In my sight is HVX200 but after I read your review about new SONY cams I’d like them. I’ll wait for your new reviews.
    And…You have second name which sounds like you’re Lithuanian.

  2. I look forward to providing detailed, hands-on reviews of these exciting new camcorders.

    In reference to the HVX200, P2 is nice, and the sizes are getting bigger, but the Z7U offers considerably higher resolution native chips, removable lens, flash media recording AND internal tape recording at the same time. I really think this camcorder raises the bar… and not by just a few inches!


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