Blu-ray 1.0, 1.1, 2.0… is your player out of date already?

cnet.gifCnet Asia has a nice little rundown on the versions of Blu-ray specifications players are supposed to meet. Little did we know that October 31, aside from bringing out ghouls & goblins, made version 1.0 part of the undead– no longer living, but yet, still out there, walking around.
Well, maybe not walking, but still sitting on store shelves.

They introduce the article:

October 31, 2007 was the official end of the “grace period” for Blu-ray manufacturers, after which all players released must comply with the latest standard–Blu-ray Profile 1.1 (also known as Final Standard Profile and BD-Video Profile 1.1). Of course, that doesn’t mean Profile 1.0 Blu-ray players still can’t be sold, and if you walk into your local electronics store over the next few months, you’re likely to see both Profile 1.0 and Profile 1.1 Blu-ray players on the shelf. So what’s the big difference between Profile 1.0 and Profile 1.1? brplayer.jpg

The thing that bugs me is that, it’s already a pain in the arse to choose between Blu-ray and HD DVD. The studios aren’t making it any easier with single-format releases. Now the individual formats themselves have little-known specification revisions that really do change what the disks can provide.

As Blu-ray continues to get its act together on hardware requirements, there’s no denying that HD-DVD has had it right from the start… Of course, … hardware requirements are just one factor out of many in [this fight] – but in this brutal high-def format war, every little bit helps.

Is the format war over? Yet? Please?
Or will US troops leave Iraq before an HD optical disk winner is decided?

(its rhetorical: neither will happen any time soon)


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