Redundancy is good. Backup, backup, backup.

w.gifWordPress had a “senior moment” today, when pages vanished, articles turned into pages, everything vanished altogether, or everything was all mixed up everywhere. It was pretty scary there for a bit. But their team was on it, and one of their forum posts reiterated something more important in this biz than “location, location, location”…

For any of us who deal with data, it should be:

Backup. Backup. Backup.

This is the public forum post I read that made it clear they’re on the ball:


Yes, If all three go down, you should be worrying about your own arse.


Do you have a NAS in your office?
Do your computers back themselves up regularly?
What about active projects? 2 weeks into edit… where’s your backup?

Play a game:
Close your laptop or unplug your main office computer.
How long till you can be back up to speed?

It’s a game… until you absolutely can’t have it happen to you.

Tapes may get mangled, but splice the crap off, put some tape on it and dub your video to another cassette. When hard drives die, they take everything with them. When flash media fails, you often don’t know it till you try to check the media. When optical media ages and becomes unplayable, you don’t know it till it’s already gone.

Like the Dunkin’ Donuts cook in the 70’s:
It’s time to make a backup!


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