Our Cinema Treasures. Do you?

devon1.jpgFilms influenced me greatly while growing up.

I still remember seeing Rocky from the back of a long, long theatre- a single screen house that had been split into two and the screen was so far away that it was like watching TV. I remember seeing Apollo 13 the week it opened. I got to the theatre late and I had to sit in the third row. The screen was so large that I had to turn my head to see left and right and take the whole image in. Point is, the rooms in which these films played were sometimes as memorable as the films themselves.

In my time, I have seen numerous theatres go dark. The Mayfair. The Devon. Sams Place, the SamEric. GCC Northeast 4. The Orleans 8. The Boyd. etc.

There is a place on the web where we can treasure these cinema houses. Those that passed, those that still exist, and those that are being reborn. This last aspect is something to cherish in this age of rampant (& crappy) development, and in an age of disposable mass media- where little is worth the electrons that carry it…


I happened across Cinema Treasures when I tried to find out information about a second-run movie house that had gone dark, for any many years. The site is a treasure trove of information for several reasons: 1) it often includes links to the current names/owners of a particular building. In an age where A buys C who bought D, it’s often hard to keep up. 2) it allows those interested in particular sites to comment on the same exact page as the main information. devon2.jpgPersonally, I hate sites that put comments in a different area, sometimes a completely different site. Having it all on one page is a beautiful solution.

For instance, a theatre company I was working with was looking for a facility to get involved in, a place to host our shows. I had heard that the Devon was being rehabilitated into a community arts center. But locally, who do I call? Nobody has any idea. But one trip to Cinema Treasures gave me years worth of comments that tracked the history of the Devon and had links to outside articles and photographs.

Check on some of the Cinema Treasures of your childhood.
If they aren’t there, consider adding them.
If they are there, consider adding some comments and information.
Your contribution could simply be gold to someone else a year from now.

I’ll be adding a Cinema Treasures link permanently to this site for everyone.


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