Vimeo goes HD. well, 720 at least.

There’s plenty of video sharing sites, but I have to admit that watching video at 320×240 is crappy. And generally the quality of that video is crappy. And then, when people shoot widescreen video with any nuvimeologo.gifmber of current and many year old camcorders, there’s no way to show that video in its native aspect ratio on most video sharing sites, let alone show it in HD itself. So you get black bars on the top and bottom, wasting what little usable space you have to show your video.

Vimeo has gone ahead and made HD available on their web site. Also, their site is good for those of us who have clients, or family, and we want to share videos, but don’t necessarily want the video as well viewed as a Google or YouTube video. In some cases, privacy counts for more than quality. Well, Vimeo seems to offer both.

Now if they could just add some color to that blasé logo of theirs…

Here’s a couple sample videos.

HD Explained! from dalas verdugo on Vimeo.

Be sure to click the “FULL” button to see what I mean.
He does an excellent job showing the difference between 320×240 and 1280 X 720 video.

Seattle Aquarium from Makivo on Vimeo.

WordPress keeps stripping the video out of this article. Oh well. That sucks.
Weird that YouTube video would work, but Vimeo, not. :(
But you can go check them out on Vimeo.

Sorry I don’t have more cool samples. No matter the video sharing site, it’s up to those who upload video to produce quality stuff and, as is the case with most user-(i.e. genral consumer)-generated content, it’s not professional grade.



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