Blade Runner – The Final Cut


I’ll be seeing Blade Runner in ultra high definition this week.
Super duper HD.

Showing in NYC and LA, this is reportedly the “Final Cut” to be made,
now on the 25th anniversary of the film’s release in 1983.
The film itself has been updated, tweaked, scenes reshot, and new release prints made.

Here’s some useful information about the difference between the two “Director’s Cut” DVD’s that were previously available.

Personally, I liked the voice-over that Harrison Ford did. Too bad that the original version that Criterion remastered never made it to DVD. Cinematical has a video with a fairly long (30 minute) and surprisingly candid sit-down interview with Ridley Scott about Blade Runner and other films.


Well, it may be that the Final Cut does now make all versions of the film available to fans when the disks come ot the home market. More on that in a moment.

There’s also the excellent book, Future Noir available as a step-by-step, behind the scenes, tome of reference for the movie. Especially telling is the number of different theatrical versions there were and how the “Director’s Cut” actually came to be.

Wired also has a great interview about the current re-release,including a nearly hour long audio clip of the actual dialogue between Ridley Scott and interviewer Ted Greenwald.

Needless to say, I look forward to seeing what Ridley Scott has in store for me this week.

The problem will come when I have to order said disks for myself…

Do I get the DVD . . . the BluRay . . . or the HD DVD?

What horse do I bet on?

What will be the standard in the dystopic future of, the Blade Runner?

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