Sony’s HD1000u & Panasonic’s DVC-60 – Seperated at birth?

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8 thoughts on “Sony’s HD1000u & Panasonic’s DVC-60 – Seperated at birth?

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  1. Best overview of this camcorder I’ve seen so far. Sadly, it confirms some of my concerns about this unit. I wonder… did Sony actually speak to any videographers before designing this camera? I doubt it.

    I’ve owned several Sony DV cameras, and they were/are some of the best in class gear. Sony did some dumb things on these units. A single VU meter on the VX2000 for example. But what dunderhead forgot to include XLR inputs? Even a separate 1’8″ jack would have been of some help. Are they so brain dead that the don’t know event videographers need a way to plug in a wireless mic? Apparently so.

  2. I guess they had to maximise the r&d cost of the hc7. If they had to include other ins and outs they should have gone back to the drawing board and delay everything.

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