Wither Widescreen? 16:9 is not wide enough!

Take a look at the most beautiful films-
the ones that win best picture, best cinematographer, etc…
how many of them were shot 4:3 or 16:9?
None of them.

Blade Runner: The Final Cut is supposed to open this coming October 5th in NY and LA. It is a remastered film print, not digital projection. But ask yourself, if all the HD camcorders are 16:9, will this mean the end of truly w-i-d-e-s-c-r-e-e-n movies?
The beauty of Cinemascope’s 2.55 or 2.35 to 1 ratio really helps draw us into a film.


Try to imagine Gaff’s spinner flying through the futuristic dystopia that Ridley Scott created if we only had square movies… Continue reading “Wither Widescreen? 16:9 is not wide enough!”


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