Sony’s SxS advantages. Are they real?

sxshor.pngSony wants to promote the speed advantages ExpressCard Flash Media (ECFM for short) are reputed to have over PC cards. In Sony’s SxS brochure, bullet point numero uno is “Faster Transfer Speed.” The chart that accompanies this promotion states 800 Mpbs (sic) versus 640 Mbps for PCMCIA (PC) cards.This would mostly have to do with the ExpressCard standard being a serial solution as opposed to a parallel solution. Does this sound familiar?

The latest laptop and dsktop computers are primarily outfitted with SATA or Serial ATA hard drives. These replace older ATA or Parallel ATA drives that we “used” to use not so long ago. By all accounts, the SATA interface is smaller, cheaper and considerably faster than we were achieving with the third generation of ATA, even with those wide, ungainly 80-conductor cables.

But does Sony’s SxS, and by that account, ExpressCard live up to the hype? Continue reading “Sony’s SxS advantages. Are they real?”


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