Sony’s new HDV at IBC.

dsr250hdv.jpgThere’s some new video out on the net showcasing Sony’s latest HDV camcorders. As much as I look forward to testing Sony’s XDCAM EX (which is technically misnamed because it doesn’t use the same media as XDCAM) next week, I am a strong proponent of HDV because of the the many advantages of tape.

For those who need high-speed turnaround, there are many hard drive recorders that can be connected to an HDV camcorder and record the HDV stream right to hard drive for nearly immediate access after you stop recording. Forcing a camcorder to be flash-media only still seems quite a bit limiting to me. Are those who need very long recording supposed to stand there and swap cards all day? Or are they then supposed to connect a deck to the SDI output, defeating the purpose of getting such an “advanced” camcorder in the first place.

So tape still has good reason to exist, even as hard drive capacities increase and flash media starts to take over the smallest hard drive capacities (currently 4g, 8g and 16g in use, with 32g and 64g waiting for moore’s law to make them become anywhere near affordable), small 1″ and 2.5″ hard drives continue to out-pace flash media in both space and price. At IBC, Sony showed off their latest tape-based HDV iterations and both removable lens camcorders look very promising… Continue reading “Sony’s new HDV at IBC.”


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