Premiere CS3, PINKS & the Perfect HDV camcorder…

edvcover200.jpg         You can read my in-depth review Adobe Premiere CS3 for Intel-based Macintosh computers, or

        You can read my hands-on experiences working the drag racing show, PINKS- All Out, for SPEED Channel, or

        You can read my column about the perfect HDV camcorder

All in this month’s issue of EventDV magazine.
        A free trade publication for event videographers, but which is really applicable to all kinds of video professionals. This issue is 58 pages- thick and juicy! I highly recommend it, not just because I write for it, but because so many other good people write for it, and it is a very information heavy magazine.

There are no “articles” written by company reps (i.e. ads) in EventDV.
There are no press releases reprinted as objective news in EventDV.
        There ARE more than 15 original, hand-crafted articles, either full page, or multi-page, which makes EventDV one of the only video production trade pubs I cannot blow through in under an hour- and I get a lot of trade pubs.


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