Sony XDCAM EX in my hands!

sony_xdcam_ex.pngI will new in New York City next Tuesday morning to visit with Sony at a hands-on event for the XDCAM EX. I am very interested to get some tim on this camcorder as it was behind glass when I saw it at NAB. It seems to offer considerable manual control, and quality in quite a small package, and for what might be an incredibly attractive price.

Sony certainly took a fresh look at camera design here and took some different approaches with how they design camcorders: sideways battery, squared off microphone, viewfinder hanging off the back, etc.

The planned XDCAM EX format will expand upon Sony’s XDCAM line of tapeless acquisition systems, using flash memory technology: the SxS™ memory card specification, with high-speed transfer technology compliant to the ExpressCard™ industry standard.

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