ProApps Hub becomes the BuzzDex.


In what I consider to be an amazing move, Chief BuZZmeister Philip Hodgetts, the Managing Editor and primary host of Creative Planet’s weekly podcast show, Digital Production BuZZ, has changed over his “ProApps Hub” to an online resource for all to use. Essentially, it’s like a regularly updated card catalog reference database of all kinds of articles, tutorials, resources, forums and more all over the web.

In his Buzz podcast, Philip noted that the ProApps Hub was keeping track of more than 60 applications, and only 6 of those were part of Apple’s Pro apps. So the ProApps Hub name had become outdated. With just a few clicks you can find out the latest info and “buzz” on all kinds of applications, including:

3D Stroke 3D Studio Max 844/X
A.Pack Ableton Live Acid
Adrenaline After Effects Any Application
Audition Avid Boris Graffiti FX RED
CD Architect Cinema 4D Cleaner
Color Finesse Combustion Commotion
Compressor Digital Fusion Digital Performer
Director Dreamweaver DS
DVD Architect DVD Studio Pro DVD Workshop
DVDit! Echo Fire Edit
Edius Effections Encore DVD
Episode/Episode Pro Final Cut Express Final Cut Pro
Fire Flame Flash
Flint GarageBand Illustrator
InDesign Inferno Invigorator
Lightwave Liquid Edition LiveType
Logic Lux Magic Bullet
Maya Media 100 Media Composer
Mokey Monet Motion
Nitris Nuendo Particle Illusion
Particular Photoshop Poser
Premiere Premiere Pro ProAnimator
ProTools QuickTime re:Fill
re:Flex Reality Reason
ReelSmart Motion Blur Shade/Shape Shake
Shine Smoke SmoothKit
Sonicfire Pro Sorenson Squeeze Sound Forge
Soundkeys Soundtrack Soundtrack Pro
Stars Studio 9 Symphony
Twixtor Vegas Velocity
Velocity Q Video Toaster VideoGogh
Xpress Xpress Pro XpressDV

And if that’s not enough to blow your mind, you really need to subscribe to the Podcast. It is the only Podcast I listen to with a piece of paper and pencil by my side because I always take a little tidbit of information away from each episode. Fully worth the price he charges (nothing) for each and every episode.

Also, I’ve had the pleasure to be on the show twice. My second interview is still available in the Archives if you desire to hear was I sound like (after a bit of a phone snafu on their end).

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